Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Brünnhilde. She's me. But not.

Brünnhilde arrived at my house just about a week ago. I have always wanted a dress form, and to have a Uniquely You seemed like the right way to go as I don't think that I could have gotten one of the plastic, adjustable ones to be...well...uniquely me.

What came as a surprise to me is that she is nearly me already. I had to give her a couple of inches of lower belly and a little added "me" right under her boobs (because mine do not appear as if they are being carried around on an invisible platter), but everything else is pretty correct. I had always thought that I had an odd shape, and maybe I do, but apparently, I have normal measurements. Oddly, she is way lager (by like 6 inches) around where her thighs are. I don't think that will matter much though as she isn't being used to fit pants or pencil skirts.

I guess I should introduce myself as well. I'm Noelle, and I am learning, through trial by fire, to sew better, to costume, to draft and drape, and generally how to be a seamstress. I was dragged into costuming by my friend, Amber, years ago, but I had always preferred to go in plain clothes and check out everybody else that I did to dress up myself. I like watching people go by in lovely gowns, beautifully tailored coats, corsets, and accessories, but I really do enjoy being super comfortable in my jeans and t-shirt. I never thought I'd be making these things for myself, but I think the time has come.

I knew how to sew from an early age, as my grandmother taught college-level home economics and decided that sewing was something a young girl should be trained in. I am perfectly adept at following a simple pattern and I can make most "normal" clothes if I am given a good pattern and a lot of time. I sewed for some time with her when i was young and then put my machine in storage and got on with my life. I dusted it back off about 10 years ago when I needed a dress for an SCA event back when I was trying that group out, and have been making 1 or 2 things a year ever since.

Recently though, I decided that I needed to up my game. Costuming is getting very popular here in the Bay Area and it means that there is increased demand for awesome outfits. However, I refuse to pay $800 for a perfectly tailored corset, so I thought that I should just learn to make my own. It kind of snowballed from there. Now I want to make everything - from hats down to shoes. I have been loading myself with classes and information and am ready to get started.

I thought I should keep a blog about this process mostly just for myself. I named it "Costuming Drama" because there's currently this big drama being played out in my head. Part of me thinks I don't have enough time for this, and part of me thinks I can't do any of this well at all, and part of me thinks that I absolutely can do any of the things that I want to try and just shut up and get on with it. I have excuses why I need more space and more time and more money, but that's all any of that really is, an excuse. So I'm gonna give it a go, although I am sure that you will be privy to an occasional pity-party or head drama fest if you read these pages.

I haven't narrowed down yet what I will post about, but it will probably be pictures of finished things, maybe some in progress updates, maybe thoughts on what I am doing and what I could be doing better, possibly images of things that I like and aspire to... I'm really not sure yet. Like I said, this is really just for me, but if you are reading this, then Hi! Welcome. Please excuse my mess and my randomness and I hope you enjoy reading about inner monologue while I try my hand at all of this!

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