Wednesday, August 17, 2011


OH EM GEE! I have been pondering costuming for next year, for many reasons, but largely because it is a big year for costumers. It is 2012. The 200th anniversary of the war of 1812, and the 100th anniversary of 1912, AKA when the Titanic sunk.  I have been wondering what I could do that would flatter my "apple" figure and haven't (still) come up with anything to fit that specific bill, BUT I was perusing the internets the other day and over at Experiments in Elegance, Antonia was discussing wanting some Turkish pants.  I was happy to read about it, but not really so interested until I saw this picture:
I was taken aback by the awesomeness of this outfit, and of course, the fact that it had pants! And the Empire waist is actually a pretty decent look on me! I must have some of my very own!  I have no idea how I will make this happen or what to make the outfit out of as I am so new at this, but I am sure gonna give it a shot!  I'm adding this to my project list for sure!

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