Thursday, December 8, 2011

Possibly dull for you, but motivating for me

I note that on other people's blogs, they update progress, even if it is just a little sometimes, and even if it has no pictures.  Frequently, I like those posts a lot. They are short and sweet, i feel connected to what they are doing, and I start to root for their project and get excited when the reveal happens. This also seems to have the effect of making the person have to have something to report here and there, so they do more.

So, I have decided to report progress where it happens. Even if that is boring for you. :-) Depending on my life, that may or may not happen frequently. You can skip these if you want. I'll try and title them with a "Progress" of some sort and may tag them as such too.

With no further ado: Today I washed 12 yards of white cotton which will be made into a bustle cage and lining for a skirt for my 1870's outfit (I will show you the jacket progress shortly).  I then spent an hour ironing said cotton and trying to get the fold on-grain.* I would like to note that I HATE doing that part, with a passion, on a tiny ironing board.

I also set the last 4 grommets on my 18th century stays (post about that upcoming as well) and can now call them officially totally done.

Go me. :-)

*aside here to mention that when i was at Noelle's house**, she has this giant cutting table with a custom made ironing pad on top that is totally amaze-balls.  What took me an hour here today would have taken 15 minutes at her house. I cannot even tell you how much having something that big, pinable, and at a decent height helps your sewing speed, accuracy AND motivation! Sigh. Someday, I will have the awesome too, but not in my tiny current house. 

** Aside from my aside.  I *do* actually have other friends, just not many that sew, and even less that I actively sew with.  Also, she's got the best toys of anyone I have ever met, and she blogs about them, so she gets a lot of attention here.

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