Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Decisions, Decisons

So, after reading through all of the instructions to catch up with the Bridges on the Body Corset Sew-along, I have decided that I can do what she needs us to do and I want to give that one a go. Frankly, I like the silhouette SO much more than the pigeon-fronted one and it's more accurate to the 1912 Titanic sinking anyway. Here are some pictures of the front and side of the 1911 corset, on an actual human:

I am not worried about being able to catch up - I think a couple days of hunkering down and I will be right up to speed. They have been taking their time on the process with this one, which is fantastic because it makes every step into a bite-sized chunk. Go visit Jo over on her blog sometime - she is doing the most amazing things on her site!

I have fired off an email to a corset-goddess that I know, who has agreed to help me with fittings, to find out of she has any reasons that I should not attempt this.  As long as she gives me the go ahead, I should be starting this project shortly!

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