Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diversionary tactics

So, I am thinking about the whole Titanic Dinner dress that I need to make and am at a bit of a block.  That era doesn't look good on my body type (think "Humpty Dumpty".  I am round in the middle and have thin legs.), I don't like the types of fabrics they used very much, largely because they are slippery and see-through and that requires a lot more experience than I have, and I'm not actually a big fan of them aesthetically either.  HOWEVER, that dinner sounds amazing, and I need to learn to move out of my comfort zone and learn more skills, so I am pondering the bottom layer first.  I have the Truly Victorian Edwardian Corset Pattern, which will give me a pigeon front, so it says:

OR, I can do the Bridges on the Body 1911 Corset sew along, which looks longer lined and less Pigeoned:

Which, Honestly, I like a lot better, but means I have to a) Learn to draft while I am doing it and b) catch up as they are 25 days into the sew along as of now.  I think this is possible, but I am hesitating.

Anyway, To avoid making this or any other decisions, I decided to look through the books that my wonderful friends got me for Christmas and my birthday (they are pretty close so I get one massive load of stuff a year, all at the same time).  Here's the take from this year's haul:

And Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty beautiful art book:

I am loved! :-)  Pretty good haul, eh?  These books are so amazing!  I am trying to figure out how to put all of my costuming books all in the same place.  I'll probably work on that tomorrow!  For tonight, I am going to read through the steps on the sew along and see what that will entail and see if I think I am good to go on that front - we'll see!  I may make lacing strips tomorrow as well so I can have them on hand for different corset fittings etc, since I seem to be doing that more and more.  Hope you are all having a good week so far!

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