Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I drafted!

Ok, well, really, I enlarged and then slashed and taped to make something that is supposed to fit a 23 inch waist fit my, um, not 23 inch waist.  I am doing the 1911 corset sew-a-long and this evening I managed to catch up a week's worth out of the month that they have been at it.  I believe that this is doable pretty quickly.  I will try and get the mockup together tomorrow and maybe do some lacing strips, which are essentially the back part of a corset with the grommets and boning already done so that you can slap them on a corset mockup and lace it up without having to do the grommeting, etc every time.  You can then take them back off that mock up and put them on any future ones to save you time and energy.

They look something like this:

And here is what my enlarged, slashed and taped pattern looks like now:
Edwardian Corset Pattern drafting

Edwardian Corset Pattern drafting

Edwardian Corset Pattern drafting

All-in-all, I feel pretty solid about my first month hitting the sewing hard. More Tomorrow!

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