Saturday, January 14, 2012

Skirt Progress

I got the skirt gores put together today, french seams and all. There's a pocket in it, which is super awesome, and it was my first time doing that, so that was fun trying to figure out how to do a french seam with a pocket, but eventually I did figure it out. :-)

It needs a waistband and a hem and trim and it will be done. I will do the waistband and the hem tomorrow so that it is, at the very least, wearable next weekend to the Edwardian ball.  Then I will go finish my corset so that I have a full something to wear.  After that, it's pretty much all gravy and I can trim my brains out if I want, but I will at least be dressed if I decide that I do not have enough time.

BTW, I got two new feet while I was down at my mom's house. One is adjustable between 1/8 and 1/16, which makes french seams and top stitching super easy (as I cannot normally sew a straight line to save my life), and one with a 1/4 inch guide, which also really rocks for french seams. Love it! Amazon is in the process of sending me a magnetic one that sticks to your foot plate so that I can have a guide for any seam allowance that I want. It should be here next week. Yay! I will finally have straight seams!

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