Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Corset mockups done and fitted!!

I am back at home and many things have hapened with sewing (and not very much with my embroidery - shame on me!). I finished both corset mockups while in Tahoe and then on Sunday took them up to Carol to get fitted. 2 1/2 hours later, we were finished and I have 2 corsets tht will fit me much better.  Oddly, it went exactly backwards from what I thought would happen.

I thought I would hate the 1903 pigeon front corset and the 1911 tube would be super simple.  However, I evidently drafted the 1911 too big so we had to take it in a great deal, and the 1903 fit like a glove almost out of the gate.  I should have known - I am pretty much  a fit model for Truly Victorian.  We had to do 3 very minor (and almost optional) adjustmens and I am good to make that out of fashion fabric & coutile.  The 1911 will take a bit more work to get right, although I will still probably recut the mockup just for the satisfaction of finishing up the project. 

My embroidery has been waiting for me for a while. I have one bird body done and not much else to show for myself. However, I have craft night tonight with Sophia so I brought it a ong and hope to work on it some there.

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