Monday, February 20, 2012

On vacation, still working on stuff!

I am in Tahoe this week, skiing with some friends, but I brought up my sewing machine and my projects and I am working away when I can while I am here!

Re: my embroidery class, I have the project basted, the design transferred, mounted on stretcher bars, and the outline of the first bird done I am behind in my class already, but that's ok because while it does last 6 weeks, we have the materials and the teacher's attention as long as we need it. Also, the first week was the most intensive and she warned us that some of us would be behind due to life and we can easily catch up later.  Also-also, I started my new job last week, so I am really happy to have gotten what I did get done, done.

Re: corsets, I have cut out, and sewn together my first mockup of the 1911 corset.  I am still considering what to do about the other one since I am totally unsure about it.  I will probably lay the pattern out and see if I have enough fabric up here, and if I do, I will at least cut it out and see what I think from there. As is, I have the corset that I believe that I will be making for this event ready for fitting this weekend, so I feel like I am on target! 

I really need to get started sewing my gown mockup shortly here too.  I am starting to get kind of nervous!

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