Monday, March 26, 2012

Corset progress and fabric prepped on dress

I have gotten some work done finally on my 1903 corset!  I cut 40 pieces out, as there are 10 on each side, times two, and then times two again because I have fashion fabric and coutile.  I then flat-lined the fashion fabric to the coutile. That left me with 20 pieces:

I don't have my hardware yet, including much boning and a busk, so I put together as much of it as I could.  I basically have the 2 front pieces and their facings, and then 2 other huge sewn together parts, which are all done and pressed:

The pictures could be better, but they were just quickies as I never show my progress, I thought I would at least try today. :-)

I have left to do on this corset:
- Grommets
- Add busk
- Adding boning tape
- boning
- Attach front pieces
- Trim and bind
- Waist tape? (Not sure on this one as I have never done that before....)

And then I am done!  I actually feel like I am getting pretty fast at making these, which is a nice feeling.  They are significantly less scary than people make them out to be!

I also steamed my silk fabric today to get the shrink out of it. I will  probably attempt to cut the fabric out this week so that it is prepped for sewing this weekend.  I am nervous about sewing on this slippery silk, but hopefully it will go alright.  I think if I can get the majority of my dress done by next weekend, I will feel better about this whole thing.  I know how much of the outfit comes in at the last possible moment though, and how many "oh yeah, and I need to just do x,y, and z" there always is, so I bet I will be working to the wire on this one.

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