Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Small update

So I did get something done today.  I spent a few hours after my super-long day at work, sorting out the pattern pieces for the Titanic dress that I am attempting.  I cut them , ironed them and then ironed them onto butcher paper so they are ready to go.  I need to figure out what size I will be attempting and then cut the pattern pieces out tomorrow, but some progress is good progress at this point.

Oh, in case I did not mention it, I am making Laughing Moon 104:

The blue one, obviously. 

 I am terribly nervous about this endeavor because there's like 20 pattern pieces, and I have never worked with super silky material before (I have silk satin), and I really find the dress shapes available at the time unflattering to my figure. I wish this was an afternoon event so I could make a walking suit, which is more *suit*ed to my general aesthetic and style.  Maybe next time.

Anyway, I will push forth and hopefully it will not be that bad.  I will keep this blog updated with my progress as it happens.  I am mostly avoiding thinking about it when I do not have to... :-)

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