Thursday, April 5, 2012

Annnnnd Grommets are done!

I was waiting to say this until I actually finished grommeting before I said this as not to Jinx it, but I dare say that I grommetted like a sober person, not like a drunk person for once!  Huzzah!

I also finished the tip-dipping in plastidip and inserted the last of the bones, so I am ready to trim it all up and bind it. Fantastic!

Also, I have made the decision to go ahead and flat line the skirt of the dress.  I purchased a book of Titanic Fashions and it looks like gowns of all sorts were not all flowey liquid-like craziness.  They did have some backed satin goodness walking around the room as well, so that is what I will be going with. Phwew! That's a relief to have made that decision made so now I can move on! I will start on the flat-linning process shortly and hope to get that at least done tonight, if possible. I'll report on progress when I have it.

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