Thursday, April 5, 2012

Grommet fun!

Tonight, despite having a huge launch for work and working late, I managed to get my corset 3/4 of the way grommeted.  I did one whole side and 1/2 of the other before my hands hurt and I needed to stop for the day (my hands being my livelihood and all).  I also used plasti-dip for the first time myself.  I had a couple of bones that were about 3/4 inch too long so I clipped them, filed them and dipped them.That stuff is kind of amazing!

I hope to get corset binding tomorrow and start that process along with the rest of the grommeting. I am aiming to get the dress most of the way done by Sunday so I can have a try on at Easter dinner (we call that Ham slam at my house) where there will be people around to help me get dressed. It will be a big push, but I have all day on Saturday and a lot of Sunday so I think that I can probably make it!

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