Sunday, April 8, 2012

Much Dress Progress, still no dress.

Today was a flurry of activity.  I sewed for somewhere near 14 hours, minus some breaks to eat and load up some cars for Ham Slam tomorrow.

The run-down of all that I did was:
Sew together the skirt
Insert skirt placket
Bone bodice
Hem Bodice
Insert waist tape
Insert bodice placket.

I really does seem like I should have accomplished more than that in an entire day of sewing, but that is what happened.

Tomorrow I can sew until it is time to go over to one of my BFF's houses for Easter/Ham Slam/Spring Celebration/Passover.  Probably somewhere near 5-6hours.  Then again when I get home.

Here's what I have left to do to finish this sucker (and I now have 6 days 1/2 of a day and 3 evenings to do it in):
Cut and create over-skirt
Attach skirts to dress
Make and attach the sleeves
Make and attach sash
Make bias strips and add trim
Hem skirt
Add closures (please dear god, let the hook and eye tape that I have work for this)

I hope to accomplish the first 2-3 on this list tomorrow before dinner.

And so that I do not leave you without a picture, here's a snapshot that I took of the inside of 1/2 of the bodice just after I hand sewed all of the boning in (my pal Noelle would be so proud):

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