Friday, April 20, 2012

Next up: Labyrinth of Jareth Costume

Just off of the last project, I am eager to make something that doesn't make my brain hurt so bad.  I'm thinking if I have enough time, I am going to make a Victorian Cheshire Cat costume for Labyrinth of Jareth, a 2 night Costume ball in Los Angeles at the end of June.  I have a few people that are going to go with me and we are going to do a vague Alice in Wonderland Group theme.

When I was in reno last, I found some fabric that I loved to hate that is absolutely perfect for this event:

The green would be for the skirt, and the two stripes for a bodice.  This would be a bustle dress of course.  By the way, this is silk taffeta and iridesces to ORANGE.  It's HIDEOUS and I love it! That was my first reaction the moment I saw it and I continue to hold that belief!

For the bodice, I will either use Truly Victorian 423 and use the small stripes for the front and back, with maybe the green or purple accents:

Or I will use Truly Victorian 405:

Probably the latter as it seems cooler temperature-wise and more appropriate to the playful nature of this outfit. The great thing about this is that I should be able to get away with wearing this at Dickens Fair also!

Then I started to doubt my green skirt, and went looking for purple since that is the Cheshire cat's belly color, although I may make both, or a skirt out of purple and accents and a bustle out of the green. I am not sure. Anyway,  I have found a few and am not sure which to go with:



Or be totally crazy and go with #3 (this seems really crazy with the stripes):

Does anyone have an opinion?  Leave a comment if you do!I'll probably start the mockup of the bodice super soon so I can get this done way before panic-sewing mania sets in this time!

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