Thursday, April 12, 2012

So very, very close

Well, I had a bunch of time thanks to WFH today (get extra time at lunch and instead of being on the road in the rain), so I got the sash extended and attached, I attach the trim, and I added hook and eye tape closures. I am so very close!

I am a bit frustrated because the more I do on this dress, the more opportunities there are for wrinkles and puckers to happen and it is kind of driving me nuts, and every hole you put in this fabric stays there so there's little blemishes all over the place that drive me insane, but this is good for me use as a learning experience. I also kind of believe that this dress is not quite formal enough for the event, but it will make a great tea dress later, so at this point: whatever, I just need to get in the door.

All that I have left to do is to hem the skirt, which entails making some facings, sewing them to the bottom of the skirt and then flipping them to the inside and sewing them to the lining.  I have plans in the evening tomorrow (massage!), so I probably won't get anything done, but I am pretty sure that I can get this done on Friday.

I do have for you a picture of the back, which is slightly wrinkly because it is not on a body - I am a smidgen bigger than my dress form so things get a tiny bit floppy on it.  Anyway, with no further ado:

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