Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some of the saga of the Titanic gown

Oy. This dress. It is a saga at this point!

I had my mockup of my dress sewn up. It fit, and I felt pretty good about it.  Then I went to a "titanic panic" sewing session, at which I was given fabric for the over-skirt and advice on making the dress. Said advice was different than the pattern instruction, and different than my *PLAN*, most importantly, so, it had the logical consequence of throwing me right off the rails. I was totally frozen in panic over this, but I was at a workshop today and I spoke to a friend, who helped encourage me to just do what made me feel comfortable, even if that meant scrapping this fabric and going with a stiffer fabric entirely.

I hemmed and I hawed and I decided to take some of the advice for some of the dress and not some of the advice for other parts of it.  Namely, I was told not to flat-line my bodice, because it would cause the beautiful silk charmeuse that I am sewing with to loose it's lovely drapey quality. After consulting with my ample bosom, and my ample belly, we have come to the conclusion that I need structure up top more than I need a wispy fabric nightmare.  Also, I have concluded that were I to leave that fabric as it, you would totally see my corset right through the fabric.  So, today I decided to throw that advice to the wind, follow the instructions that came with the pattern, and flat-line it.

I am so glad I did.

Once I got it flat-lined, It ceased to be a pain in the rear to sew, it went together pretty quickly and I have a fully formed bodice at this point.  Witness (yes, I know i need to steam and press a bit more):

Now, for drama #2. I also got the advice to steam my fabric just to get the shrink out of it, so I had done that before I cut it. When I went back in yesterday to look at the left-over fabric for another purpose, I noted that there were huge water spots on it.  Then I looked at my cut pieces and noted that there were water spots on them as well.  *Sigh.* As I had been steaming, the part of the fabric that I was not concentrating on was puddled on the floor. I don't have a steamer, but I have an iron with one heck of a steam setting so I was using that and it had inadvertently dripped water all over my fabric. So, to make a long story longer, I had to dunk each piece of fabric in water and then iron it dry to get rid of the spots.  I did that, and then picked apart my mockup fabric (which was just cotton muslin) and used that to flat-line with since it was already cut and everything.

I feel so much better now that that small bit is done!  I am thinking for the skirt, I will use the muslin underskirt/slip that already exists from the mockup and then let the silk just sit on top of that and be drapey and exciting.  I hope that works!  If not, I can rip it out and flat line that too - we'll see.

I have nearly a full sewing day scheduled for tomorrow so I hope to make more progress on this project as well as work on my corset some more.  I have the hardware now and can get to work on that when I get sick of looking at the silk. I'll report more when I have it!

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