Thursday, May 3, 2012

Inspiration! And the horror of my husband...

I have spent the last couple of weeks catching up on all of the things that I pushed off while I was panic sewing for the Titanic event, but my costume has been churning in my brain, never fear!

I pulled some inspiration images and I thought I would share them:

Somehow, my costume has inspired a group costume for LOJ this year and we have recruited in a ton of people that have never been before.  I think we have 13 people this time around, which is amazing! Everyone is going to do some sort of Alice themed/inspired costume, and we even have some of the really random characters being represented.

Oh, and I sort of volunteered, much to my husband's horror, to build most of a costume for one of my BFFs. Wendy screams Alice to me, and pretty much everyone who knows her. She was undecided on coming, but I think me making a costume for her helped push her over the edge.  I have some pretty cool ideas for it, so stay tuned.  In some ways I am more excited about hers than I am about mine at this point. :-)

Side note: When my husband heard that I had volunteered for this, he totally freaked out.  He started saying very animatedly "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!" and "YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR *YOUR*COSTUME!!!" and "DO YOU REMEMBER LAST WEEK WHEN YOU WERE PANIC SEWING???"  and "YOU SHOULD BE SEWING NOW!!!" which I found very amusing.  I guess I should be more worried, but at this point I am still in my dreamy ideas stage where I forget how long stuff takes and try and see how many ideas I can have about one costume.

Anyway, I pulled some inspiration for hers too:

I sure hope this works out!!

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