Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ok, here we go!

I have a plan. It's in my phone, in the notes section, so it's real. I have also cleaned up my guest room enough to keep me sane(ish) through this process, so I believe I have pondered enough and need to start rolling as we are 7 and 1/2 weeks out and I have 2 costumes to make. Happily, I have all my undergarments already made from the polonaise project, so I don;t have to worry about doing any of that! Most of Wendy's stuff will not require a pattern, so I am not too worried that any of it will take too long, individually, but the whole thing might take a while. I have decided to do these in tandem as they are totally different and will provide me with opportunities to step away from one thing and focus on something completely different if I get stuck somewhere and need to get my head out of it.

Tonight, I have to show for myself: Cleaning and pattern prep. Thankfully, this is a Truly Victorian patter , which I am practically a size model for, so I can cut my pattern out with confidence and I don't have to do any ironing onto freezer paper for this one. Just a whole bunch of cutting.

I decided to try Truly Victorian 405 and see if I can make that work for me:

Really, it was the butt-pleats that sold it. I mean, look at them.

This will be my first solo bodice, but the last time things went beautifully (on the Polonaise), so I am confident!

The next few nights are busy for me, socially, but I think I will be cutting up the mockup this weekend, and hopefully start sewing it as well. I'll report when I have news. Posts may be short and to the point while I report progress.  I'll try and show pictures when I can though!

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