Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My hiatus is over, now for panic sewing!

Craziness at work, combined with a pretty intense social schedule has kept me back from getting these Labrynth if Jareth costumes started, but I sewed last weekend and again tonight an I am making progress!

I made a bustle cage for Wendy, who tried it on and it looks great, and also a pair of bloomers. The cage needs a closure and the bloomers need some elastic around the legs, but I need Wendy to come over and try it on for me before I can do that. I also am about 1/2 way through sewing the lights to her cage, and hope to finish that tomorrow. So, for her, the list remaining is:

Closure for bustle cage structure
Sew lights on bustle cage
Over skirt
Bloomers elastic

I got my mockup finished for my jacket and I like the way it fits so I'm ready to cut and sew fashion fabric. My list is as follows:

Cut fashion fabric bodice
Sew fashion fabric bodice
Figure out how to sew buttonholes
Trim bodice
Cut skirt fabric
Sew skirt
Trim skirt

Thats right! It will be my first time making button holes!

I have all of this weekend and then the next 2 weeks to get this stuff done. It may or may not all happen, but I'm gonna try!

Oh, and I have to re-form my mad hatter hat for Nancy, but that won't take too long!

I'll post progress as I go!

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