Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm back!

I'm back from my trip and while I didn't quite muster the energy up to do sewing stuff tonight, I did receive my wig so I watched a ton of videos about how to wear a wig and how to get long hair up and then tried the techniques out with great success. My wig fits, it works and its a good color. I need to work on styling it some as I don't really look great with short hair. There's a long extension component to it as we'll, so that should help, but I also want to add 17 pieces of flare to it to make it stand out a bit.

Anyway, more updates will becoming along as I have them. I'm out of town this weekend as well, but I have a few goals for this week, and all of my boning and corset supplies came in so I'm interested in getting that stuff sorted. We'll see how far I get! The event is rapidly approaching at this point so things need to start coming together into finished pieces very quickly from this point!

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