Thursday, April 11, 2013

In which I am given some setbacks


A number if disappointing things have happened.

I had originally ordered 3 petticoats (reasons for which will be explained later when i do a construction blog): one black, one orange, and one in the light apple green family. Three Petticoats showed up. They were black (yay!), Neon Yellow, and even more Neon Green.

I also ordered 8 yards of my awesome wing material, at a pretty hefty cost:

The wing material showed up today. Not so awesome. It is sort of impressionistic and pixelated looking (technically, this is a part of the vectorization process).  I specifically chose this wing, rather than one I liked more, because the sample image didn't show this sort of effect. Here are some images:

Warning: Rant ahead. (I did name this blog "Costuming Drama", what did you expect?)

Now, before you all go and tell me that it will be fine and no one will care and blah blah blah, let me just stop you.  I don't actually care if anyone else thinks it is ugly or cool, I REALLY don't; I only care that *I* don't like it and it wasn't what I was expecting, and now I will have sunk several hundred dollars, and ungodly amounts of time, making a dress that I am not actually that into.

So that sucks.

End Rant.

Re: the issue with the petticoats - I am currently attempting to Rit Dye the yellow one to a Tangerine Color:
and then I will see if I can get the green one to be more like this:
Hopefully that will go well. I will report back once I know.

Editor's note: I just went and checked and it does look like it is taking, at least somewhat - anything will be better than Neon Yellow. Yay.

Re: The wings of impressionism - There's not really anything I can do, but soldier on. Spoonflower isn't responsible for the image itself, since it was uploaded by a user, and they didn't actually do anything wrong (in fact, it is beautifully printed), so I would not try and return the fabric as it is a custom printed item.

So, I learn to live with it.

It will look fine from 10 feet away and in the pictures and I will be the only one that hates it. I just hate that I will hate it, you know?

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