Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's tactics time.

This is sort of my construction-intentions post as I think you can get the gist of what I am going to do from the list below. I'm taking a page from Cathy Hay's lecture on large, intimidating projects lecture (which this is for me): Break it down into tiny pieces and then only focus on the piece that you have to do right now so you don't get freaked out by the bigger picture. This is the perfect solution to the complete overwhelmed paralysis I get when I am working on stuff like this.

Here's my to-do list:
  • Cut corset - DONE
  • Sew base corset
  • Grommet corset
  • Drape wings on corset
  • Cut out underskirt
  • Make under skirt
  • Dye petticoats - DONE
  • Franken petticoats onto skirt
  • Cut out wings
  • Fray check wings
  • Interface wings 
  • Make wings double-sided
  • Attach wings to skirt
  • Deal with Wig situation
  • Figure out makeup
Looks do-able. It is a LOT of work and I don't actually have much time between now and when I go to the party thanks to a bunch of stuff I already had planned, including a week in Cabo that essentially takes up 2 weekends, and a romantic getaway with my husband (poor me, right?). I will keep updating this list as I go so we know where we are. I wonder if I can make a side bar item for it.... hmmmmm.

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