Sunday, April 14, 2013

Unexpected Progress!

I had pretty much chalked today up as a lost cause when thinking about when I would get stuff done, since I had a glove-making workshop today and then I was supposed to get a haircut. My haircuts are awesome because they are done at my house, but sometimes my friend who cuts my hair and I go a little crazy with ideas and then I am sitting in a chair for 6 hours. I never know when that will happen, so I pretty much just write off the evening if she is coming over. Trust me, it's always worth it.

Well, The glove-making went well and then the haircut happened promptly and quickly after that.  Neat.

So first interfaced 6 out of the 8 wings (on one side, then the other side of the wing will be glued onto the stabilized side of the wing).  I left 2 out, so actually 4 wings total (2 wings go into making each double-sided wing) in case my plan to use up the weird 1/2 wing extras that I was sent to make the corset don't work out. If that all goes ok, I will make up the last 2 wings for the skirt.

What weird extra pieces, you ask? My pattern was meant to be printed on 44 inch fabric (most of the ones they sell are that width), but the organic cotton sateen comes in a width of 56 inches, so you get a partial print of a wing next to 2 full wings for every yard you order:
I decided to try and use that to make the corset draping with, rather than order an additional yard of wings for that.  Hopefully it will work out, but I saved back some wings in case it does not.

The very awesome thing about the glove-making workshop is that Sahrye hosts the workshops so I got a chance to work some stuff out with her so things feel more settled. Hopefully this all works out!

After I did interfaced, I decided to sew my corset together!  So the main pieces are all together and the lining is as well.  I need to put the boning channels in and then do the grommeting before I can attach the final 2 pieces to the rest of it, but it's a lot of the way there and I didn't think that would happen!

Tomorrow is kind of a write-off because I need to do some work, I need to do some yard work, and we are going sake tasting and then to dinner up in Oakland, so that will pretty much put me out of commission, but I do hope to get the boning channels in and the grommeting done this week if possible. I will then loose a whole week of progress because I will be out of town, so any unexpected progress is good progress!

Here's my updated to-do list:

  • Cut corset - DONE
  • Sew base corset - DONE
  • Set in boning channels 
  • Grommet corset
  • Drape wings on corset
  • Bind corset
  • Cut out underskirt
  • Make under skirt
  • Dye petticoats - DONE
  • Franken petticoats onto skirt
  • Interface wings -3/4 done (?)
  • Cut out wings
  • Fray check wings
  • Make wings double-sided
  • Attach wings to skirt
  • Deal with Wig situation - Have a solution, need to order wig and do work on it
  • Figure out makeup - Sahrye is on this one, but we will do tests to see
So that's where we are now. I'll keep you posted.

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