Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Camera Woes and a Few More Pictures

So, evidently, even though I was the master packer and went around and packed everything up all neatly on Saturday night after the ball, I missed one thing: my camera.  Yeah, so that got left in LA.  Fortunately, the Double Tree is sending that to me, but it means a few more days without pictures from the event. My pal Becky was there with her awesome husband, Craig, and she sent me some of the pictures that she took though so I do have a few to share that they took (click to embiggen them):


  1. That dress turned out AMAZING! And it really looks so great on you.
    And I seriously hope that you don't hate the fabric print any more - sorry, I just discovered your blog by accident - I would have chimed in earlier if I had seen it earlier, since this was my fabric design.
    Again, wonderful work.

    1. Hi Bonnie!
      Thanks! And thanks for making the print available!

      I did get used to the way the wings looked, an it's fine in the pictures, I just wish I had known that they looked that way before I spent $250 on fabric, you know?

      I'm glad that you got to see the dress and I'll try and put up a picture on the spoonflower page when I get a chance so people can see what it looked like!