Sunday, May 12, 2013

Updated! Weekend of many tasks!

Update: I am just going to update this post, rather than make a new one as it would be nice just to use the same task list at the bottom of this post.  I will just keep updating this post until the day is over with progress.

Sunday -  
  1. Last set of wings have been sprayed with adhesive. 
  2. Wig #1 was styled and tried on.  I totally hate it. I ordered 2 more options that are long in green to see if I can work with those.
  3. All Wings have now been made double sided and trued up. 
  4. All 8 wings have been re-fray checked around all the edges just to be sure.
  5. New Makeup and contacts have been ordered to attempt plan B for Make-up.
 Saturday - Today was a huge step forward! Here are all the things we got done!
  1. Boning was added to the corset 
  2. Wings were draped on the corset - Sahrye did this part for me and pinned it.  Now I have the crazy task of stitching all the darts and folds down. I need matching thread for that though so that has to wait until I can go to Joanne tomorrow. 
  3. We did a makeup test, which was an utter fail, but at least now we know.  We have a backup plan and supplies have been ordered to get that accomplished.  I will keep you advised. 
  4. My Wig got a haircut, but we are really unsure if we like it or not. I will get some supplies and attempt to style it tomorrow. I have a backup wig/plan If that fails. If both fail, I will go with my natural hair, which is totally fine, but less impactful. 
  5. We answered some construction questions and got the rest of the plan put together. 
  6. We answered some questions for Sahrye too, wig and corset and have that all settled. 
  7. The existing wings were trued up.
  8. The last two sets of wings were interfaced, cut out, and fray checked. Tomorrow I will spray them, bond them together and true them up so we have a total of 8 wings. This should be plenty.
 The most important thing that happened is that I am not very sure of everything that I need to do and I am confident that it can all happen. Yay!

 Updated with this weekend's Progress:
  • Cut corset - DONE
  • Sew base corset - DONE
  • Set in boning channels - DONE
  • Grommet corset - DONE
  • Drape wings on corset - DONE
  • Sew in draping
  • Bind corset
  • Interface wings - DONE
  • Cut out wings - DONE
  • Fray check wings - DONE
  • Spray wings with adhesive glue - DONE
  • Make wings double-sided - Done
  • Dye petticoats - DONE
  • Cut out underskirt
  • Sew under skirt
  • Franken petticoats onto skirt
  • Attach wings to skirt
  • Wig - Wig #1 has been styled and I hate it. Waiting for 2 new wigs to arrive.
  • Figure out makeup - New Makeup has been ordered to try plan B
 Also, I officially have 2 weeks left to get this thing done! *gulp* Then I get to start thinking about Dragon*Con and what I want to do for that.  I have an idea, but I am unsure if it is technically possible in the time allowed.

Oh yeah, and then there's the Ardenwoon Bustle Picnic to consider, which hapens just 2 days after I get back from a 10 day cruise to Alaska.  I wonder if they will let me bring a sewing machine on a cruise ship?

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