Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finish line... crossed!

I'm done. Well... I'm done with all the stuff that is "must have to be able to be seen in public".  I can now do all the "nice to have" stuff, like making a modesty placket for the back of my corset so I don't have corset-back-butt in full view all night. (Ladies, even skinny chicks get this. Consider it a public service to make a modesty placket if you have time.)

Oh, and I discovered another configuration - the over-under:

I kind of like it!

So, anyway, I finally bit the bullet and attached the wings. Wanna know which way I chose???


My husband was standing there on Monday saying "too bad you can't make it so it's reversible...", to which I replied that that wasn't possible. Then, on Tuesday, as I was driving into work, I thought about it and I said to myself: Wait. It is possible as long as you sew them on along the top and not at all where they overlap just a smidge, you can flip them over and under at will. So I did.

I also did makeup tests with all of my makeup and the other parts that I am planning on using and they seemed to work out ok, so I am running with it.  

For people keeping track:
  • Cut corset - DONE
  • Sew base corset - DONE
  • Set in boning channels - DONE
  • Grommet corset - DONE
  • Drape wings on corset - DONE
  • Sew in draping - DONE
  • Bind corset - DONE
  • Interface wings - DONE
  • Cut out wings - DONE
  • Fray check wings - DONE
  • Spray wings with adhesive glue - DONE
  • Make wings double-sided - DONE
  • Dye petticoats - DONE
  • Cut out underskirt - DONE
  • Flat-line underskirt - DONE
  • Sew under skirt - DONE
  • Franken petticoats onto skirt - DONE
  • Attach wings to skirt - DONE
  • Wig - DONE
  • Figure out makeup - DONE
More as I have it - I'm off to make some "nice to have"s and also start getting things in one place so they are ready to go and I don't forget anything.

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