Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weekend Report: Final edition

I think I will do the same as last weekend and just update this post as I am going along.

2:00 am Sunday night
Got more binding done after the movie and also some small hand work that needed to be done on the skirt. Anyway, more progress!

9:00 Sunday
We are about to go out to the movies, but I did get all the petticoats onto the skirt. YAY!

6:00 Sunday
Things are moving along.  I have the skirt done.  I was sad that I put that much effort into a really nice piece and it will never actually be seen in public.  Ah well. I took some pics so you can see it in it's natural form.

Look! It has pockets:

Here's a shot of the inside for people wanting to know.  Yes, french seams, even on the pockets:

I am currently in the throws of franken-ing the petticoats on and it is a nightmare,so i need to take breaks to keep my sanity.  We are going to go to a movie tonight so I doubt I will get to wings tonight, but soon!! More later tonight when I know where I land.

1:30 AM Saturday night/Sunday Morning
Ok, so I have the skirt flat-lined and I would say 80% sewn together. I have 2 side seams, the waistband and the hem to do and that is it. Then I can attach the petticoats to it. I sure hope this all works. More tomorrow.

6:00 Saturday:
So far, I have axed the fabric that I thought I would make the skirt out of because it is too flimsy to hold the weight of what I am about to put on it.  Instead, I searched my stash for some silk and Viola! I found this PERFECT color green Dupioni that I had bought forever ago. (It's the green one in the shot below - I know, it looks crazy green, but actually, it matches the wing green really well)

So, I now have that all pressed (it was 10 yards in a ball) and cut out.  I also have some really nice quality cotton muslin that is super strong so I am going to flat line the skirt with that to add strength. I had to iron that all out and prep it as well. It probably doesn't really need it, but better to be safe than sorry!''m going to move on to flat lining the fabric now...

The corset is 1/2 way through the binding process and I am just waiting for my finger to stop throbbing every time I touch something to finish it.  I hope to get that done tonight.

I will keep this list updated as I go:
  • Cut corset - DONE
  • Sew base corset - DONE
  • Set in boning channels - DONE
  • Grommet corset - DONE
  • Drape wings on corset - DONE
  • Sew in draping - DONE
  • Bind corset - in progress - 75% done
  • Interface wings - DONE
  • Cut out wings - DONE
  • Fray check wings - DONE
  • Spray wings with adhesive glue - DONE
  • Make wings double-sided - DONE
  • Dye petticoats - DONE
  • Cut out underskirt - DONE
  • Flat-line underskirt - DONE
  • Sew under skirt - DONE
  • Franken petticoats onto skirt - DONE
  • Attach wings to skirt
  • Wig - New Wigs have arrived!  I like them both and consider them good enough to wear.  I may add some stuff to it, but I consider that a "good to have" project or maybe for next wearing. - DONE
  • Figure out makeup - New Makeup is here and I will do a test shortly
You know, people gave me a hard time when I was saying that this would take the full 2.5 months that I had to make it, but it is actually pretty much right on schedule.  Yes, I could have made it faster if I worked on it more in the evenings or cancelled plans and vacations.  And yes, i could have made it faster if I took shortcuts and didn't do finishing or double side the wings, but that isn't my style. I am slow, but I think this thing will hold up really well, and I will be proud of it. 

I do have a "nice to have" list for add-ons to this dress.  Some of them may happen now, and some of them may be a next time, we'll see. Sahrye is adding lights to hers, so that would be nice.  I would like to sew antennae into the wig, I'd like to add some sparkle to the wings somehow, stuff like that. I don't need any of that to happen to be happy with it for this wearing though so I'm not even considering any of it until after the skirt is constructed and I have a chance to look at it as a whole.

I'll post more when I have stuff done...

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