Tuesday, July 30, 2013

SATURDAY: Status Update - Week of 7/30

Rather that repeat the list every day, I am going to just post it once a week and then update the post with info each day of the week.  I will update the title of the post, which should keep your RSS readers interested (let me know if that isn't working for you). I'll also post a short summary in reverse chronological and the list will stay at the bottom.  Sound good?

The hat is together all the way, has all of the pleating sewn down on the under-brim and the bias binding is 1/2 way on! Not much sewing is happening at CoCo, as predicted, but at least the hat is coming along!

Well, I got to Costume College and despite the fact that I didn't think anything would get done, I did actually at least pin in the under-brim fabric on my hat, which I am currently totally loosing my brain over.  I sure hope that it still looks this good when I have it sewn down! In my head, it's super awesome, even thought you mostly won't see it. Check it out:

And we have a fully formed lining! Proof:
Things will probably slow down on this for the weekend as I will be at Costume College (AKA Summer Camp for Costume nerds). I'm going to bring some stuff with me to work on, but I do not hold out a ton of hope that things will get done as I have a pretty full schedule and lots of friends to keep me busy. :-) This is ok - it was built into the plan from the beginning.

Tonight I put the crown and top brim fabric on my hat, all of which had to be hand-sewn down, and then I flat-lined my jacket fabric.  Doesn't seem like a lot, but it took 3 1/2 hours.  I can't figure out if I am super slow or what, but it seems to take me a lot longer than everyone else to do everything...

Today was big jacket fabric cutting day.  I got the fashion fabric, the lining and the interlining all cut out and ready to go.

I also got the top piece sewn onto my hat.  I'm not totally sure what the deal is with me working on the hat all the time, but I guess I am sick of always having the dress, but never the hat to go with.

This picture makes me a little sad and a little happy cuz it's from Other Noelle's pin stash.  I'm sad that she is very far away right now, but It's nice to know I have a little piece of her here to help me with this project.

Current time left: 28 days

dye lining fabric - DONE
cut fashion fabric - DONE
cut lining fabric - DONE
cut interlining fabric - DONE
flatline fashion fabric to interlining - DONE
sew lining fabric - DONE
sew fashion fabric
put in boning into the jacket
attach lining to jacket
figure out how to make stomacher part
cut fabric for stomacher part
sew stomacher part
make hole for the light in stomacher
sew button holes
apply buttons
figure out new sleeve pattern
cut sleeves
sew sleeves
insert sleeves
make trim
apply trim

cut fashion fabric
sew skirt
make trim
sew on trim

cut fashion fabric
cut flat lining organza
sew skirt
bustle skirt
make trim
sew on trim

cut buckram - DONE
wire buckram - DONE
cut mulling - DONE
mull hat - DONE  
cut fashion fabric - DONE
sew hat together - DONE
sew fashion fabric onto hat - 4.5/5 DONE
cut lining fabric
sew lining fabric onto hat
make trim
trim hat

Make gloves??
Make hole for light

make pocket on bustle for battery pack

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