Saturday, July 27, 2013

UPDATED on Sunday:Put her in the Iron Maiden!

Lots of fabric woes (which i will relay at some future point) later, I have finally acquired the fabric I want/need for this Iron Man Bustle Dress.  There's an image in my brain of it, so I know where I am going, it's just the "how will I get there?" part that I need to solve. 

I have decided for now not to think about too much and just get started on as much as I can and see what happens, so here we go.

I am going to use the patented "breakdown the job into tiny pieces" method again so I don't freak out when i think about all the work that needs to get done. The current list looks like this (I am sure it will change):

UPDATE Saturday/Sunday: I marked the items I got done this weekend (along with a bunch of running around town gathering supplies and doing research). Also, some new line items were added to help break things down more. It doesn't look like a lot, but I actually feel like I have gotten quite a bit done, so I guess that is good news! Evidently, I got a little obsessed with the hat, which normally wouldn't have been what I tackled first, but since it was on my mind, I went for it.

Current time left: 31 days

dye lining fabric - DONE
cut fashion fabric

cut lining fabric
cut interlining fabric
flatline fashion fabric to interlining
sew fashion fabric
sew lining fabric
attach lining to jacket
figure out how to make stomacher part
cut fabric for stomacher part
sew stomacher part
make hole for the light in stomacher
sew button holes
apply buttons
figure out new sleeve pattern
cut sleeves
sew sleeves
insert sleeves
make trim
apply trim

cut fashion fabric
sew skirt
make trim
sew on trim

cut fashion fabric
cut flat lining organza
sew skirt
bustle skirt
make trim
sew on trim

cut buckram - DONE
wire buckram - DONE
cut mulling - DONE
mull hat - DONE  
sew hat together -2/3 DONE
cut fashion fabric

cut lining fabric

sew fashion fabric onto hat
sew lining fabric onto hat
make trim
trim hat

Make gloves??
Make hole for light

make pocket on bustle for battery pack

That's pretty much what I can see right now as the plan.  I have 33 days before I am on a plane to ATL, where this needs to be as done as possible. Other than Costume College, I have all of my weekends mostly set aside for this through August, so I think I have a solid chance of making it happen.

You will likely see updates pretty constantly through then if i am correct, so stay tuned and wish me luck!

For the "pics or it didn't happen" crowd, here is my hat, cut, wired and mulled, in two pieces, waiting to be covered:

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