Sunday, July 7, 2013

Warning: It's Beginning

Fabric has been ordered and is currently en rout, the long way around the world, to me from India. Don't get too excited, it's just silk taffeta.

I have settled on what I will attempt for Dragon*Con and this photo shoot I have with Anna Fischer: 

I think I will marry my love of bustle dresses with what she does - straight cosplay - and attempt an Iron Man bustle dress. I have dubbed this project, aptly, "The Iron Maiden".

"What does that look like?" You ask. Well, if I had any skill at all at drawing, I would show you, but I don't, so for now it is in my head. For what it is worth, it's pretty awesome in my head...

I'm not actually sure that I can even do it, given that I'm not adept at changing patterns yet, and there's a lot if that happening here, but I kind if have a plan. I need to outline all my steps, like I did last time, as that seemed to work well, and I need to do some test runs on some ideas I have while I wait for fabric. 

I sure hope this works out. You can expect posts to start flowing soon, and quite possibly a postmortem if I fail out; failure, as Adam Savage says, is always an option! Hopefully I will have at least some success! Wish me luck!

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