Tuesday, August 13, 2013

SATURDAY: Status Update - Week of 8/12

I only had a few hours today, thanks to a prior engagement, so I went to Joann and stocked up on some stuff that I will need in the middle of the night when i am working (namely 40-something 1/2 inch buttons with which to make fabric-covered buttons) and then came home and started on the skirt. I would say that I am about 60% done. I added netting in the back as it is bustled (as is the apron, I will be the most over-bustled person ever!), which I have never done before and basically made this into the most complicated skirt build I have ever done, but hey, that's how we learn.

I wanted to push into the night pretty hard, but I started to get super tired and that isn't good for anything, so I quit while I was ahead. I am not sure if I will get all of the items on my list done tomorrow as we have a concert in the evening, but we'll see.  I am trying to not beat myself up too too much about things so this is me practicing that art.

I think starting tomorrow, I will resume individual posts for things as there's gonna be a lot of days of me making trim in the future....

Yesterday I had a dinner date so not much got done, but I did get some hand basting done, so at least there was some forward movement.

Tonight I made the button holes on my jacket, tore apart the stomacher to add boning and put it back together, and then cut my skirt fabric out. So, pretty good progress given that I worked all day.

I also took a picture of the jacket so far.  The stomacher doesn't have buttons yet, so it is just pinned in, but you get the idea at least:

First, I want to apologize for lack of pics. I am trying top get so much done, I am not taking pictures, but I will shortly for you. Today I got the sleeves pattern sorted, cut and sewn.  I used ones from a completely different jacket as I don;t like the ones that come with this one. I am waiting to put them in though until the button hole situation is sorted as that just adds more stuff into the mix when you are trying to do some stressful stitching (this will only be my third time making buttonholes and i find the process nerve-wracking!). Anyway, things are moving along.

Fidley bits have been worked on and are complete! :-)

Got the collar on.  Got the lining sewn in.  I am moving trims around in here because it is better to be dressed and not trimmed than not dressed! I have a feeling some of that may be happening up until the 29th so I wouldn't hold my breath on these goals either. :-) The important things is that I am dressed and capable of attending a photo-shoot!

I also realized that I have a bunch of fidley bits work that I need to do here and there (ironing, clipping, adding another bone, etc.), so I will probably do all of that tomorrow, probably not making much progress on the list, but important none-the-less...

Current time left: 12 days

Jacket - Timeline to complete: by 8/11
dye lining fabric - DONE
cut fashion fabric - DONE
cut lining fabric - DONE
cut interlining fabric - DONE
flat-line fashion fabric to interlining - DONE
sew lining fabric - DONE
sew fashion fabric - DONE
make collar - DONE
put in boning into the jacket - DONE
attach collar to jacket - DONE
attach lining to jacket - DONE

Jacket - Timeline to complete: by 8/18:
figure out how to make stomacher part - DONE
cut fabric for stomacher part - DONE
sew stomacher part - DONE
make hole for the light in stomacher - DONE
put lining on stomacher - DONE
sew on Velcro for the stomacher - DONE
figure out new sleeve pattern - DONE
cut sleeves - DONE
sew sleeves - DONE
sew button holes - DONE
make fabric covered buttons
apply buttons
insert sleeves

Skirt - Timeline to complete: by 8/18
cut fashion fabric - DONE
sew skirt - 60% Done

Skirt - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
make trim
sew on trim

Apron - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
cut fashion fabric
cut flat lining organza
sew skirt
bustle skirt
make trim
sew on trim

Hat - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
cut buckram - DONE
wire buckram - DONE
cut mulling - DONE
mull hat - DONE  
cut fashion fabric - DONE
sew hat together - DONE
sew fashion fabric onto hat - DONE
cut lining fabric - DONE
sew lining fabric onto hat - DONE
make trim
trim hat

Gloves - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
Make gloves??
Make hole for light

Bustle -Timeline to complete: by 8/25
make pocket on bustle for battery pack

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