Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SUNDAY: Status Update - Week of 8/5

Sometime later Sunday - 
Finished the stomacher - did the lining and the Velcro!

Here it is with no light so you can see it:

And here it is with the light in...

Sunday - 
I figured out that I can't attach the collar, and therefor the lining, until I figure out the stomacher part. I have been avoiding doing that like mad 'cuz I have no idea what I am doing, but I bit the bullet and made one today. I think it turned out pretty awesome, and pretty much like I imagined it, although I have no idea if it is too large yet. I guess we'll see! Anyway, I am breathing a sigh of relief now that it is done and I know what I am doing, and I can make it smaller if I need to, so yay, a major stumbling block over.  What that *may* mean is that the jacket lining and collar may not get done by today - we'll see.  I have so much done from next week's batch that I am not terribly upset about it.

I need to go sew the lining fabric onto it and attach the light velcro to it still. I will update this again when I am done for the night and see if I got any farther.

Today did not go as planned, although I got to hang out with friends and catch up with people, so that was good.  I did get to spend 5 hours boning my jacket though (and not in the awesome way), so that's all done!

Friday - 
Well, this week was kind of a wash in general.  I wasn't feeling well with some con crud, I had some work to do one night and two of my friends got married this week, so one day was lost to celebrating (well worth it).  However, here we are on Friday and I finally have something done that is not hat related!

I have the main jacket fabric sen together, pinked and pressed:

I also created the collar.  I made it one side red and the other gold so that I can choose which way I want to put it on the jacket when it comes time to attach it.

In hat related news, I cut out and sewed in the lining!

Tuesday - 
Well, looks like CoCo derailed me only slightly - I thought I wouldn't get anything done, but I did, so that's great. Sadly though, my hat was kind of a mess when put toget,her so last night I tore the brim off of the hat and the bias tape off the brim and redid the bias and re-applied the brim. When I had curved up the brim, the fabric went all slack and gross, which made me sad.  When I pulled everything off, I was able to put in a few stitches that while they don't completely solve the problem, they help a LOT, so I am WAY happier with my hat. I saw a lady at CoCo wearing the same hat and she advised that some spray adhesive would help a great deal with this problem, but I do wonder what people did back in the day...

Here's where we are with the hat as of now:

I have broken down the stuff to be done a bit further by goal dates so that I can stay on track - we'll see if that actually helps or not. :-) I still don;t feel too panicked, but I am edging closer - hopefully this weekend will get me to a good place. I only have to have tea with some friends and that is it, so I should have some good sewing ahead of me.

I do seem to have come down with some sort of con-crud though, which is slowing me down some, so I am trying to stay quiet and calm and get through that as fast as possible.  More probably tonight when we see where I have gotten to.

Current time left: 18 days

Jacket - Timeline to complete: by 8/11
dye lining fabric - DONE
cut fashion fabric - DONE
cut lining fabric - DONE
cut interlining fabric - DONE
flatline fashion fabric to interlining - DONE
sew lining fabric - DONE
sew fashion fabric - DONE
make collar - DONE
put in boning into the jacket - DONE
attach collar to jacket
attach lining to jacket

Timeline to complete: by 8/18:
figure out how to make stomacher part - DONE
cut fabric for stomacher part - DONE
sew stomacher part - DONE
make hole for the light in stomacher - DONE
put lining on stomacher - DONE
sew on Velcro for the stomacher - DONE
sew button holes
make fabric covered buttons
apply buttons
figure out new sleeve pattern
cut sleeves
sew sleeves
insert sleeves
make trim
apply trim

skirt - Timeline to complete: by 8/18
cut fashion fabric
sew skirt
make trim
sew on trim

apron - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
cut fashion fabric
cut flat lining organza
sew skirt
bustle skirt
make trim
sew on trim

hat- Timeline to complete: by 8/25
cut buckram - DONE
wire buckram - DONE
cut mulling - DONE
mull hat - DONE  
cut fashion fabric - DONE
sew hat together - DONE
sew fashion fabric onto hat - DONE
cut lining fabric - DONE
sew lining fabric onto hat - DONE
make trim
trim hat

gloves - Timeline to complete: by 8/25
Make gloves??
Make hole for light

Bustle -Timeline to complete: by 8/25
make pocket on bustle for battery pack

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