Tuesday, September 3, 2013

All Pictures posted! Con Report!

If you have time and are interested: check out my Flickr set of photos from DragonCon as there are some REALLY great costumes in there! 

Mia, Sahrye, Amber, Holly, Hal, and I all had a really great time at the con. Its really hard to explain to people what DC is like, but really, the best way is that it is a 4 day long costume party.  Sure, there are panels, and dealers rooms and workshops, and autographs and all the normal con stuff, but more frequently, you just spend your time wandering the three main hotels, checking out people's costumes and being checked out in return.

I wore my Iron man Bustle Dress on Friday for my photoshoot with Anna, who was super relaxed and easy to work with. I think we got some great shots!  After that, I was just going to walk my costume for an hour or two and then take it off cuz it is HOT in the ATL, but kept getting swept into other things and ended up walking around in it for about 9 hours. It got a TON of photos taken of it, and a million really awesome compliments, which were greatly appreciated.  I didn't really realize how much attention I got until I walked around not in costume with other people who were in really great costumes too, and they didn't get nearly the amount of stops and photos and comments that I did. I wonder what it was about it that made it so popular.  It's sort of intimidating though because it sets the bar really high for next time. :-) You really have to bring it at DragonCon. I guess I need to have a photoshoot every time!

Considering it was my first time actually costuming at a Con, I think it went exceedingly well.  It's also the first time I felt really "done and ready" wearing a costume and was super proud of what I had done. I hope I can continue that now that I know what that looks like.  In the mean time, I am gonna wear the CRAP out of this dress to every event I possibly can to get my money's worth out of it! :-)

I'll post my time log that I kept for this project next so you can see how much work went in and how slooooooooooooooooow I am, but it totaled up at 117 hours, and really, I think that was low-balling it. It doesn't include all the time I spent thinking about it and stewing on techniques.  I guess I did something right though, cuz it certainly was a magical experience to wear it this weekend!

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