Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Iron Man Bustle Dress timecard

So, people asked me a lot while I was at DragonCon how long it took me to make the dress. And I actually had an answer ready: 117 hours.

When I was working on the butterfly dress, my co-worker Laurel asked me the same question, but I didn't have an answer. "Uhhh, I dunno. A while." is I think what I said. So she said that I should log it sometime just to see. So I did. This was my log, in case you are interested.

2.5 cutting
1.5 flat line
1.25 sew lining
 2.5 main fabric
5 hours boning
11 hours stomacher
5 hours making sleeves
2 hours lining
2 hours basting
2 hours button holes
3.5 hours inserting sleeves
3 hours button sewing  
41.25 hours total
8.5 hours sewing
.5 hour cut
5 hours making trim
2.5 hours sew on trim
1.5 hours Bustling  
18 hours total

 .75 cut
8 hours sew
10 hours make trim
 5 hours sew trim  
23.75 hours total

2 hours

12 hours
 5 hours Mask
 2 hours sewing trim
19 hours total 
Dying fabric and retrieving stuff
4 hours

Random time doing stuff
9 hours

Total: 117 hours

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