Wednesday, June 11, 2014

And here we go again...

Soooooo, DragonCon is coming up and my little band of buddies and I have a few things up our sleeves.  We are planning 3 costumes as a group. We, at this point, have 2 and 2/3 months left. If we get 2 of them actually made, I will be happy. If we get 3 of them done, I will be over the moon.

Stranger things have happened.

I will be posting progress here as I go, mostly to keep myself accountable and motivated as we approach D*C.

First up is a Retro Space-Girl Sailor Moon group.  Sahrye found this art on Deviant Art by a user called Hyamei, who did pretty detailed drawings of the girls. I have opted for Neptune (the teal one), Sahrye is going to do Sailor Moon, Holly will be in red and purple, and Mia is in all purple.

The full group looks like this:

In order to get all 3 costumes done by D*C, we need to essentially finish one costume a month, so this one needs to be pretty much wrapped up by end of June. 

Here's my project Plan (items in purple are specific to me as things that are needing to be identical were split up - Sahrye is doing the visors and the ring bracelets, and Holly is making collars for everyone.  I have never resin-cast before, but would love to try, so I am doing that part) :

Done by July 8:
Get fabric and thread necessary - DONE
Pattern Prep - DONE
Cut fabric for Mockups - DONE
Mockup - DONE
Fitting - Sunday with Holly
Done by July 15
Cut out skirt peices
Sew Skirt
Cut out top peices
Sew top
Attach the top and skirt together
Get Fabric for bows

Done by July 22
Resin cast hearts
Resin Cast stars
Resin Cast oval for Sahrye
Resin Cast Moon for Sahrye
Make front Bows
Make back Bows

Order boots
Order shorts
Order Headset - DONE
Order gloves - DONE
Make necklace
Make belt

Done by July 29
Connect headset to visor
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla?)
Paint Visor
Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla

Style Wig
Figure out undergarments

I'll, of course, be updating this list often... Wish me luck!

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