Sunday, June 22, 2014

Re-jiggering my schedule

So, I lost about a week in there due to some unforeseen not feeling well and some stuff having to do with my new job and I decided to cut myself some slack and add a week to the schedule. I spent today sewing, and will continue to do so tonight, but I thought I should own up to my lateness.

Here's the revised schedule...

Done by July 8:
Get fabric and thread necessary - DONE
Pattern Prep - DONE
Cut fabric for Mockups - DONE
Mockup - DONE
Fitting - Sunday with Holly
Done by July 22
Cut out skirt peices
Sew Skirt - DONE
Cut out top peices - DONE 
Flatline Top peices - DONE

Order shorts - DONE
Order Headset - DONE
Order gloves - DONE

Done by July 29
Test Resin Casting
Sew top
Attach the top and skirt together

Get Fabric for bows - 1/2 Done

Done by July 6

Style Wig
Figure out undergarments
Make necklace
Make belt
Make front Bows
Make back Bows

Resin cast hearts
Resin Cast stars
Resin Cast oval for Sahrye
Resin Cast Moon for Sahrye

Delayed until items get here
Connect headset to visor
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla?)
Paint headset

Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla

Waiting for Sahrye to find boots that work
Order boots 

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