Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Update before SDCC

As I mentioned before, I have removed everything that I had preciously done, so anything left here is new progress. I'm off to SDCC until next Monday, but here's what i have gotten done this week so far!


Sailor Moon

Left to be done
Unpick bodice from skirt - DONE
shorten bodice - DONE
resew bodice to skirt - DONE 
Bind armholes - DONE 
Make belt  - DONE(ish)
Make poofs for armholes
Make poofs for gloves  
Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla - Sahrye cut my shield on the laser so now I can continue!
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla is here!)
Paint headset

Delayed until items get here 
Style Wig
Connect headset to visor (need visor from Sahrye)
Make poofs for boots


Harry Potter

Vest - 
- Pattern Prep - DONE
- Cut mockup fabric - DONE
- Sew Mockup (by this Saturday) - DONE
- Get fitting and shaping done - DONE
- Second Mockup
- Get Fabric  
- Cut fabric
- Cut Lining
- Sew Vest
- Do detail work
Shirt - base shirt

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