Sunday, July 6, 2014

Update on Progress!

Neptune is coming along, but is behind schedule! There may be some life changes coming up that will make that ok, so I am not sweating it for now, but I do have a meetup with the ladies next Sunday so I would like to get as much done as possible by then.

Here's where we stand:

Done by July 8:
Get fabric and thread necessary - DONE
Pattern Prep - DONE
Cut fabric for Mockups - DONE
Mockup - DONE
Fitting - Sunday with Holly
Done by July 22
Cut out skirt peices
Sew Skirt - DONE
Cut out top peices - DONE 
Flatline Top peices - DONE

Order shorts - DONE
Order Headset - DONE
Order gloves - DONE

Done by July 29
Test Resin Casting - DONE
Sew top- DONE
Attach the top and skirt together - DONE
Get Fabric for bows

Done by July 6
Zipper - DONE

Figure out undergarments - DONE
Resin cast hearts - DONE
Resin Cast stars - DONE 
Resin Cast small stars for necklace - DONE

Order Worbla - DONE

Done by July 13 
Bind armholes
Make poofs for armholes
Make poofs for gloves 
Resin Cast oval for Sahrye
Resin Cast Moon for Sahrye

Make necklace
Make belt
Make front Bows
Make back Bows

Delayed until items get here

Style Wig
Connect headset to visor
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla?)
Paint headset

Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla
Make poofs for boots 

Waiting for Sahrye to find boots that work
Order boots 

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