Sunday, August 10, 2014

And here's where we are...

So, I fell down the stairs and broke my baby toe (I am pretty sure) last night.  This has led to an insane pity party this afternoon, but before that, we had a meetup and I feel like we got a lot accomplished. With 18 days left to go, we have ditched the idea of having a third costume. I think that would just break us all. So, that being said, here's where we are. I have many things done and many more things yet to be done, probably the more difficult parts are still yet to be done.

Sailor Moon

Left to be done
Make belt  - DONE(ish)
Make poofs for armholes
Make poofs for gloves - DONE
Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla - Sahrye cut my shield on the laser so now I can continue!
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla is here!)
Paint headset

Style Wig
Connect headset to visor (Sahrye did an amazing job on the visors!)

Delayed until items get here

Make poofs for boots (need to get new boots)


Harry Potter

Vest -
 - pattern draft changes to vest and a whole new collar (never done this before) - DONE
 - Second Mockup  - DONE
 - Second Fitting - DONE
 - Get Fabric - DONE
 - Cut Fabric
 - Cut Lining 
 - Flatline
 - Sew Vest
 - Do detail work
Shirt - base shirt
 - add detailed trim to shirt
  - Get Fabric - DONE
  - Pattern Prep - DONE
  - Cut Fabric
  - Cut Lining
  - Flatline
  - Sew Skirt

Cage - Make one

  - Get Fabric - DONE
  - Cut Fabric
  - Sew underskirt
 - Ruffles
  - Get Shoes
  - Get Paint - DONE
  - Paint Shoes
  - Embellish Shoes

 - Get feathers - DONE
 - Get hatform  - DONE 
 - Reshape Hat Form 
 - Cover Hatform
 - Embellishments

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