Friday, August 15, 2014

Knocking things out...

The update: I'm in full sewing swing, hoping to get the bulk items done by the end of the weekend so that I can focus on all of the detail work - Basically I want to have clothes to wear.  All of the jibber-jabber can come after.

Hey look! I have an un-hemmed skirt to show you (yay pictures!) but it proves I made a skirt with some of the most slip-slidey fabric ever! I also made the cage under it!

Here's my list as it is now....

Sailor Moon

Left to be done
Make belt  - DONE(ish)
Make poofs for armholes
Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla - Sahrye cut my shield on the laser so now I can continue!
Create visor side pieces with symbol (worbla is here!)
Paint headset

Style Wig
Connect headset to visor (Sahrye did an amazing job on the visors!)

Delayed until items get here

Make poofs for boots (new boots ordered. Last pair were too small)


Harry Potter

Vest -
 - Cut Fabric
 - Cut Lining 
 - Flatline
 - Sew Vest
 - Do detail work

 - add detailed trim to shirt
  - Cut Fabric - DONE
  - Cut Lining - DONE
  - Flatline - DONE
  - Sew Skirt - DONE
  - Hem Skirt
  - Trim Skirt
Bag - Purchased

  - paint bag
  - decorate bag 
  - Make one - DONE
  - Cut Fabric
  - Sew underskirt
 - Ruffles
  - Get Shoes - DONE
  - Paint Shoes
  - Embellish Shoes

 - Reshape Hat Form 
 - Cover Hatform
 - Embellishments

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