Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Monday, with 2 days left... EEP!

Wow, I got a ton of stuff done today! I started the day really badly and was feeling pretty crappy until about 2 or 3, all culminating in a trip to the dentist in which I found out that I need yet another crow. When I got home, I hit it hard.  I finished my shield. I mostly covered my hat. I have the headset almost done. I also got a bunch of the embellishments ready to go for the hat. Things are moving along nicely to be done on time.

I also decided that the visor will get attached at the con. The whole thing is really awkward to travel with anyway and having that attached will be a nightmare.  We are just attaching them with wire anyway, and I can do that there.

And, because I know you all love pictures, behold! I am a shield maiden:

Here's the short list:

Harry Potter

Vest -
 - Add Buttons 
  - Trim Skirt (this is a nice to have)
 - Cover Hat form - In Progress
 - Embellishments  - In Progress

Sailor Moon

  - Make belt fastening
  - Glue on belt star
 - Paint shield - Done
 - Attach the worbla part to the acrylic part that Sahrye made - Done
 - Paint headset - In Progress (so very close!)

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