Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ramblings on progress...

Yes, it is in fact 3:30 in the morning...

Every day, I have these delusions that I will work for like 15 hours on costumes... and every day I am wrong. With 2 friends that just had babies, a DAILY run to Joann Fabrics to get newly realized supplies and misc other appointments and errands, I never actually start before like 5:00. It's actually a miracle that I get as much done as I do.  Happily, or maybe not very happily, other members of my group are also in the same boat, so at least we are all in it together!

I got a fair amount done today, including the little picture I posted below, and work on both costumes.  I have been painting those shoes for days - layers and layers of paint to achieve a streak-free appearance - and the bottom part of the shoes are now metallic silver as well. I got the bag almost completely sorted, so yay.

There are small bits that are not done, like putting closures on all of the gaments (hooks and eyes, etc) that I am not really paying attention to here, largely because I can do them in the hotel if necessary.

While i am looking forward to wearing these next weekend, I am also very much looking forward to walking around in plain clothes as well. This is 100% more costume than I wore last year and that was more than I had ever worn before.  It's super fun to be in costume and to take pictures and what not, but it's also really fun to just be the one taking the pictures and relaxing.  I will of course, post the link here to my photos, and you can always click the link on the sidebar to get there on your own.

All of that being said, here's where we are as of today.  I have 2 major projects left and i am pretty intimidated by both of them. The hat and the sheild - - both with things that I have never tried before. Fortunately, at this point, I am at least fully clothed, so from here it's all gravy.

We'll see how this plays out...

Harry Potter

Vest -
 - Do detail work - Done
 - Attach lining to fashion fabric - Done
 - Bind arm holes
  - Trim Skirt (this is a nice to have)
  - make chain  - Done
  - Embellish Shoes - Done

 - Reshape Hat Form 
 - Cover Hat form
 - Embellishments 

Sailor Moon

Left to be done
 - Make belt  - DONE(ish)
 - Make poofs for boots - Done

 - Make poofs for armholes - Done
 - Create shield from laser cut piece and worbla
 - Paint headset  
 - Connect headset to visor
 - Create visor side pieces with symbol (This is a maybe if I have time!) 

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