Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday. One more day of prep left!

Things are going pretty well. I managed to have lunch with a dear friend (although I may have been a jerk and slightly more in my own head than normal thinking about how I will attack things), and I got to go hot-tubbing with my BFF and her mom, who is visiting, which was a milestone because it was her first venture into my hot tub as she has been pregnant until recently.

And i still managed to get things completed.

I do still have some small stuff to take care of, but I have tomorrow and they are all closures.  Aside from the vest button holes, nothing is terribly stressful. I might even have time to add some cute trim to my skirt. We'll see. I'm not about to push it.

The majority of my day was about my witch hat for my Harry Potter outfit. It is done and I am actually rather proud of it, so I took some photos so you all can check it out in some good light.

Shout out to my lunch buddy who helped me work out stuff on the hat that was hanging me up!

Here's where we stand:

Harry Potter

Vest -
 - Add Buttons 
  - Trim Skirt (this is a nice to have)
 - Cover Hat form - Done
 - Embellishments  - Done

Sailor Moon

  - Make belt fastening
  - Glue on belt star - Done
 - Paint headset - Done

Add closures where necessary.

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