Sunday, August 24, 2014

Saturday. With 4 days to go.

The list is super short at this point, but the tasks are big and take many days because it involves applying coats of paint, which need to dry.

Today I started both of the bigger tasks that I have been mentally hindered by.  I formed the hat and it went well - now I just have to figure out how to cover something so mishapen. I also took a venture into Worbla, as seen in the previous post's pictures. It's nt perfect, but it's way good enough for me, especially for a first attempt!

Here's a picture of the shape of the hat, after I attempted to get it into a more rumpled condition:

And as a reminder, here's the original art that inspired me, although I have changed a number of aspects of the outfit to reflect both reality and my tastes:

I won't have much time tomorrow as I will be at NIN/Soundgarden, but I will update with what I did get done!

Harry Potter

Vest -
 - Bind arm holes
  - Trim Skirt (this is a nice to have)
 - Reshape Hat Form - Done
 - Pad hat form - 1/2 Done ( would be all the way done, but I ran out of padding!)
 - Cover Hat form
 - Embellishments 

Sailor Moon

  - Make belt fastening
  - Glue on belt star
 - Create shield front from worbla - Done
 - Prime Shield
 - Paint shield
 - Attach the worbla part to the acrylic part that Sahrye made
Headset - Paint headset - In Progress
 - Connect headset to visor
 - Create visor side pieces with symbol (This is a maybe if I have time!) 

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