Thursday, January 3, 2019

What was I thinking?

Well, looks like I am reviving this old beast.

After many years of not managing to make very much, I have spontaneously committed to a couple of things in 2019 that will require me to sew more than I ever have before, and periods that are mostly new to me.

First, and entirely reasonably, I talked my pal, Bernadette, into doing her Lady Sherlock costume that she was pondering by offering to do a Lady Watson bustle dress. It will be 1880's and totally my jam. This, I thought, would be no problem as I know I can sew a bustle dress in a month or two of evenings/weekend here and there. It would allow me to try a new pattern, and throw on all the crazy trim I want without doing anything too dangerous (beyond having to set sleeves. Ugh.)

Then I did the stupid thing. I got and email from Jennie Chancey over at Sense & Sensibility with an offer that was really tempting. I had always wanted to go on tour through Europe with a bunch of costumes and take photos in really amazing places with them. Well, this tour (see link above) isn't quite as extravagant as my imagination rolls on with, but it's pretty good. It's billed as:
Three nights in Salzburg, Austria, a day trip to visit the Kaiservilla in Bad Ischl, two private costume workshops with special guests, two nights in glamorous Vienna with a visit to the Schönbrunn Palace, three nights in Paris in the heart of the 1st Arrondissement on the doorstep of the Louvre, an 18th-century costumed outing to Versailles, complete with a picnic in the gardens and a tour of Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon, plus free time to explore these beautiful cities on your own.
Cool. Then there's the "obviously I can't NOT do this if we are going anyway" Bath for the Jane Austin Festival extention:
After we finish the main tour in Paris, those who choose to continue on to the opening weekend of the Jane Austen Festival may book the following extension package:
  • A ticket on the Eurostar from Paris to London, then a train ticket from London to Bath.
  • Two nights in our favorite hotel, Bath Abbey, right next to the Pump Room and the cathedral.
  • Full English breakfast daily. 
  • Festival opening evening at St. Swithin’s Church, where Jane Austen’s parents were married.
  • Ticket for the Grand Costumed Promenade on Saturday. Put on your Regency finery and walk a brand new route planned for 2019!
  • Ticket for the Country Ball at the Assembly Rooms. Whether or not you know your English country dances, you will have a splendid time at this ball, held in the original Assembly Rooms Jane Austen visited and which have appeared in many film adaptations over the years. Pack your ballgown and your dancing slippers!
  • Sunday morning sendoff (join Jennie for a peek into her favorite corners in Bath before you head home).
Ok rad. I am interested. Then I find out that my buddy, Cathy, is one of the guides on this trip. I'm in it now. I don't get to see enough of her as it is and the thought of running around Europe together is very tempting. So I call and ask what she thinks and obviously she thinks I should go and now I am totally on the hook for 3 more (at least) FULL costumes. As in, I do not even have underwear and need to make EVERYTHING for the following (at least):
  • Regency day Dress
  • Regency Ball Gown
  • Some sort of Georgian situation for La Petit Trianon
Oy Vey.

I am slow, as slow as mud. And I look horrible in regency and have only done it once and it was a total failure, and I know nothing about Georgian, but am intrigued.

Fortunately, I have buddies who will help me if I need it and I have already started slating in weekends of sewing days so I am going to give this a go. I will obviously start buying things if things are looking dire in, say, June or July.

So, here we are. Blogging again, mostly to keep myself accountable and on target. I am considering buying stays and a regency corset to make time work in my favor more, but I want to consult with my squad before I do anything crazy. I guess you will know as soon as I do.

Do let me know if you read this, as I have no idea if people read blogs anymore.


  1. I still read blogs! That's how this mama passes the time when stuck with a sleeping baby in my arms.

    Wow! I cannot believe how much you've put on your plate! It all sounds very exciting! I'll be excited to see how things progress. Especially loving the idea of Lady Watson. *squee* But that Euro photo tour sounds amazing as well! @__@ How are they setting up the photo opportunities? Will some of the people attending be attending as photographers? Will it just be people with their cell phones taking snaps of each other? For such an ambitious trip, I'd think they'd have at least one photographer in the group, but curious how that's actually going to work out.

    1. No photographers as far as i know. It;s not really meant to be a "photo trip", more so a costuming trip where we will see special collections and have workshops taught by experts and there will be costume opportunities during the trip. I hope that makes sense...

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